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Ash Wednesday – March 5th 2014

Due to a service taking place at the Minster, our rehearsal on Ash Wednesday has to be moved and will take place at Ewesley Road Methodist Church, Chester Road, Sunderland, starting at the usual time.

Dinner Date – June 6th 2014

A date for your diary. On Friday June 6th 2014 we are taking over the restaurant of The Rosedene, Queen Alexandra Road, Sunderland, SR2 9BT, to hold a dinner for members and their families, patrons and friends. Details will be circulated shortly but the cost will be £20 per person (excluding drinks). It will be a great opportunity for everyone to mix in a more social setting.

St.Matthew Passion Revised Rehearsal Schedule







Choruses to learn


Chorale No.3

Chorus No. 4b

Chorus No.9b

Chorale No.10

Chorale No. 15

Chorale No. 17

Chorale No. 25

Chorus No. 27b

Chorale No. 29 shared

Chorale No.32

Chorus  No. 36b

Chorus No.36d

Chorale No. 37

Chorale No.40

Chorus No.41b

Chorale No.44

Recit No.45a (Barrabam)

Chorus No.45b

Chorale No.46

Chorus No.50b

Chorus 50d

Chorus No.53b

Chorale No. 54

Chorus No.58b

Chorus No.58d

Chorus No.61b

Chorale No.62

Chorus No.63b

Chorus No.66b

Chorus No.68


Learning Schedule

January 8th       No 1, No 3

January 15th     No 4b, 9b, 10, 15, 17, 25, 27b

January 22nd    29 (shared), 32, 36b, 36d, 37

January 29th     40, 41b, 44, 46, 50b, 50d, 53b, 54, 58b, 58d, 61b, 62, 63b

February 5th     66b, 68

February 12th   No.1, No.3, 4b, 4d

February 19th   9b, 9e, 10, 15, 17, 25, 27b

February 26th   29 (shared), 32, 36b, 36d, 37

March 5th         40, 41b, 44, 46, 50b, 50d

March 12th       53b, 54, 58b, 58d, 61b, 61d, 62

March 19th       53b, 54, 58b, 58d, 61b, 61d,

March 26th       63b, 66b, 68

April 2nd          As necessary

April 9th           (With choir 2)

April 11th         (With choir 2)

April 12th         Final rehearsal and concert