New season, start, and opportunities

You will all have had to resort to this approach when things are not going well, be it with a vacuum cleaner, a television or computer. Sometimes it is the sensible first place to start – is it plugged in? – or simply the last option you can try yourself before calling in a repairer.

Sometimes the fault of the situation is not with the kit but down to external factors, such as the loss of your broadband. Certainly the present situation of the Choral Society is down to external factors but we are not going to allow them to get in the way of progress.

Last season we came back together, after the isolations of Covid, and celebrated that with a performance of Messiah complete with professional musicians and soloists – but without a live audience. Then in June, after much preparation, we enjoyed performing the Rossini mass in full concert mode. Given all of the previous restrictions this marked a considerable achievement. We now starting our new season, with all of the possibilities it can bring, and will be rehearsing for a December concert that will brighten up your Christmas and show the Society at its best.