Brahms’ Requiem Rehearsal Schedule

September 11th
Learnt all of number one and started no. 2

September 18th

Split up and learn No.2 from letter C

Put all together.

Revise Number 1

September 25th

Revise No. 1 with German check

Revise No. 2 with German check

Learn (together) No. 3 as far as page 38 (fugue)

October 2nd

Split up and learn from p. 38 to the end of the Fugue

As well as No. 4

Come back together and put it all together

October 9th

Learn Movements 4 and 5 this week (together)

October 16th

Learn Movement 6

Split up first and learn the fugue especially separately

Put all together after the break

October 22nd

Learn Movement 7 and revise no. 6

Split up briefly for movement 7 note learning.

October 29th

Revise the fugue at the end of movement no.3

Revise No.1 andĀ  No.2

November 6th

ReviseĀ  No.3 and No.4 and no.5

November 13th

Revise No. 5 and 6 and 7