St.John Rehearsal Schedule

Just in case you can not put your hands on the rehearsal schedule for the St.John Passion please find a copy below – which was correct at publication but may be subject to amendment as rehearsals progress:

Date                                    To be rehearsed
January 8th      Chorus Number 1 plus Chorales No.3 and 5 and 11
January 15th     Numbers 2a and 2b
January 22nd   12b Chorales Numbers 14 15 Choruses 16b 16d Chorale 17 Chorus 18b                                                                 Rehearse Chorus 21b 21d 21f Chorale 22 Chorus 23b 23d 23f
January 29th    chorus 25b Chorale 26 Chorus 27b Chorale 28
February 5th     Aria no.32 Chorale 37 Chorus 39 And Chorale 40
February 12th   Chorus 1, 2a, 2b Chorales 3 and 5
February 19th   Chorale 11 chorus 12b Numbers 14 15 16b 16d
February 26th   Chorale 17 Chorus 25b Chorale 26 Chorus 27b Chorale 28 Aria 32
March 4th          Chorale 37 Chorus 309 and Chorale 40
March 11th         Rehearse all of part 1
March 18th        Rehearse all of part 2
March 25th       ???
April 1st 7.30    Rehearse All
April 3rd 7.30   Rehearse All
April 4th 2pm   Rehearsal (Full)
7.30 p.m.  Concert