Tea and Trains

To mark the end of our 70th Anniversary season on Sunday 7th July the Altos decided to take us for a ride ………. a train ride on the Tanfield Railway – the oldest railway in the world. Thanks to the calm efficiency of the organisers we were treated to exclusive use of both the Directors’ Carriage (for those taking tea) and the Balcony Carriage (great for the youngsters who could see straight into the back of the locomotive). Once aboard from East Tanfield we could travel the whole of the line and could take advantage of the other stations to explore Causey Arch or stretch your legs on the many pathways (and some did!).

The highlight was the sumptuous High Tea taken in the Directors’ Carriage which was so extensive that there was not enough railway to complete it all and most came away with a bag of goodies to eat later. It was all of a very high standard,  beautifully served by friendly volunteers, although the tea cups did rattle a bit on bends.

Everyone at the Tanfield Railway were very welcoming and deserve praise for what they have achieved in maintaining part of our heritage, whilst giving us all a very enjoyable outing.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the events marking this special 70th season.