Fresh air, food and fun with the Basses.

Continuing the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of the Society, the Bass section organised a social evening in their own style on Saturday 12th May. The evening had three parts – exercise, food, and entertainment. The first element was a coast and country walk around Whitburn which was enjoyed by the majority of the party before they all returned refreshed and in good humour to Whitburn Parish Hall to enjoy the second element – locally sourced fish and chips – which satisfied the needs of the body before the final section.

The Basses were keen to perform but wanted to ensure audience participation in as many ways as you could imagine, so their chosen pieces included singing and action parts for the delighted audience. These were interspersed with a musical quiz which was designed to test mere mortals but the clever team who won were kind enough to share the celebration cake they were presented with.

The finale, and the climax of the evening, was a full dress performance of the Nun’s Chorus ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’ from The Sound of Music which was performed with panache. Everyone went home having enjoyed something that certainly was different.