The Sopranos tease our brains and tickle our tastebuds

  As their part of the celebrations of our 70th Anniversary season, the Sopranos treated us to a social evening with a fun challenge on Friday 7th June. The Society members and their guests were faced with a carefully planned and very imaginative quiz, led by a suitably resolute Quiz Master to keep us all in order.

As the photographs suggest, much deep thought was needed¬† to cope with a broad range of topics ranging from ‘Can you identify the scientist’ through emojis and algebra to those with a musical basis. There is no truth in the wicked rumour that members had trouble recognising some of the pieces they had previously performed – it was just that faced with only a few bars of the music, it takes a few minutes to work through all of the possible pieces that have featured over the 70 years.

The winners

The night included sustenance for the body, as well as stimulation for the brain, in the form of pies and peas and a good time was had by all.

Inevitably some teams did better than others and those with the best overall performance were rewarded with chocolate, which they were kind enough to share. Our thanks to the organisers for providing such a comfortable setting and so much fun.